PMI, Precious Metal Inc, is the culmination of over 40years of International Trading, Creation and Marketing and sales with countries such as Italy, Liberia, Ghana, Guinea, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, China, India England and Australia where for 25 years has resided in Dallas Texas, " Big D ".

Terry O'Malley has created an impressive record of firsts;
First to merchandise Indian Jewelry in department stores in 1970,
First in importing and merchandising Italian chain products in 1972
First to merchandise Italian Link chain in the US in 1982
First to air and sell platinum chain on TV (QVC) 1996
First to import Platinum Italian chain designs in 1996
Largest PGM importer in the USA 1996>2005
First to Import palladium chain and castings in the US. 2003
Largest Importer of palladium products in the US 2003> to date,
Creator of the "Patriot" Brand for PM investment products.
First to manufacture and distribute PGM's in fractional sizes in the US.

PMI is considered to be one of the leading design and manufacturing companies in the Gold and PGM Industry today. PMI had been focusing on the teenage, pop, hip-hop, entertainment and the professional sports scene, as well as, high fashion and the highly particular professional. Now PMI is turning to the PM, IRA investment market, helping its customers and consumers, invest in precious metals, tax free, for their IRA,, Pension funds, 401K's and 813D's annual contributions.

PMI has had its pulse on the gold Industry since 1971 and the PGM industry since 1995. When or wherever the precious metal trend is, PMI was always at the front of the line.

Whether if you are looking for adornment such as Rings, Bracelets, Neck Chains, Basic and Designer and/or Investment product(s), whether its for attending a Rave concert or to the Opera, New York, London, Milano, Rio, LA, Dallas; PMI builds it.

PMI builds and creates fashion from $35 dollars to $1,000,000.00. You design it, we'll make it or we'll design it and you wear it. Want one of a kind? We always have product at the Grammy's', Emmy's, Golden Globe and the Latin Music awards, so no need to be bashful.

PMI hopes this Web Site will give you a chance to see what's out there, what was created in the past and give you some ideas what you can expect from us. If you don't see what you like or you have an idea email us or fax us at 214-521-3213, we guarantee we will get back to you, answer your questions and create something for you that you will be proud to wear.

We have stayed in business because we are out front pushing the fashion and the investment envelope; change is part of our business model, without change we would be simply average. We are not that, so the next time you have an idea, need help and/or simply have a question, contact us, we will be there to answer your call, even if it is 3am in the morning.
Corporate Headquarters:
1302 Motor Circle
Dallas, TX 75207

Tel: 214-521-0676   Fax: 214-521-3213